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The existence of Jesus of Nazareth is a topic that has sparked debate and controversy over the centuries. While millions of people around the world believe in his existence based on biblical accounts, some question the historical evidence behind his existence. Let’s explore sources and evidence other than the Bible that support the claim that Jesus was a real historical figure. Then you can decide what you believe for yourself.

Other than the Bible, What Other Proof is There That Jesus was Real?
Most of us have been to church at least once or twice in our lives. Maybe it was a Christmas service with our grandparents, or the christening of a cousin, niece, or nephew. Or, perhaps, you grew up going to church every Sunday, and maybe you still do. Either way, you likely have an opinion, however strong, as to whether Jesus of Nazareth, the biblically claimed son of God, existed. This question is: Is there any evidence outside of the Bible that suggests that Jesus was a real person? Let’s have a look. (1, 2)

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