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The earth is a poor lonely, gloomy, and hopeless place. It can seem like a place completely devoid of love and kindness given the amount of anger,

bitterness, and hostility that is plastered throughout local television news programs and social media.

Even though circumstances often appear hopeless, there is still hope thanks to a young man’s compassionate and thoughtful action.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, an 8-year-old named Isaiah Lobdell is seen going outside just before 6:30 in his pajamas and without any shoes.

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Just as his father, driving a white GMC pickup truck, is ready to turn onto the road and leave for work for the day, the young boy dashes out onto the driveway.

He waves down his father and calls out, “Dad!” in an effort to gain his attention.

Isaiah was successful in his endeavors.

Before turning onto the road at the end of the driveway, Dad pauses and gets out of the car. ‘What?’ can be heard the father Tyler Lobdell asking as he exits his truck.

Tyler continues to approach his son while attempting to ascertain what Isaiah specifically needs and desires at that very moment.

As Isaiah extends his arms for a farewell hug, dad stops a short distance away from his son. Dad bends down

to satisfy his young son’s tender and heartfelt request, picking him Isaiah off the ground and giving him a huge embrace.

Before his father left, Isaiah stated that he ‘wanted one more hug’.

The greatest gift that these little children can give is their love, Tyler stated. Therefore, it seems like a big deal to me when they ask for a hug.