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For the sake of their countrymen’s safety and well-being, the men and women who willingly enlist in any of the numerous branches of the American military place themselves in danger.

Not only do those men and women have a spirit of sacrifice and devotion, but they are also talented.

They are able to carry out a variety of intricate activities, frequently under extreme stress.

Members of the 82nd Airborne Division Chorus showcased some of that brilliance in their most recent visit on America’s Got brilliance.

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They submitted a lively and enthusiastic rendition of Pink’s song ‘I Am Here.’ The group’s powerful

performance and the song’s upbeat and inspirational message were well appreciated by both the judges and the audition attendees.

The division enters the stage in formation at the start of the footage, but they do so in a rhythmic manner that blends in well with the song’s tempo and tone.

Next, a man and a woman take up the singing roles, with the other members dancing about the stage in a synchronized manner as background dancers.

The 82nd Airborne Division Chorus then forms a chorus, during which all of the members stand shoulder to shoulder and sing as one.

‘I am here, I am here; I have already seen the bottom, so there is no need to be afraid; I know that I will be prepared when the adversary approaches.’

After a fantastic and utterly delightful musical performance, the judges and the entire room give them a well-earned standing ovation.

The judges all expressed how much they enjoyed the performance when it was their turn to share their thoughts on what they had just seen.

Simon Cowell remarked, ‘It was expressive and enjoyable.’ This was a time for me. One of my favorite acts of the year is you.

It was enjoyable and upbeat, Sofa Vergara said. ‘It was flawless. You all sound fantastic.