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Lovely horses are owned by accomplished horse trainer Jesse Drent. Each and every one of his horses

is loved and cherished by him. Jesse regularly travels with Matt, a friend who shares his passion.

Since he adopted the horses, Jesse has been interested in learning about their pasts. The nicest thing was that he was able to fulfill his wish.

He just found out that Andorra, one of his horses, had previously given birth to a foal, and she’s been with him for a while.

A nice woman named Nathalie now has Andorra’s foal. She and Jesse share a passionate love for horses. Nathalie had contacted Jesse because she desired the reunion of the mother and daughter.

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Nathalie gave the gorgeous filly the name Ruby. In a horse-drawn van, Nathalie and her small daughter arrived at Jesse’s ranch.

The little child had a striking resemblance to her mother. The dark brown horse, Ruby, who also seemed to be incredibly young and beautiful, impressed both Jesse and Matt.

Because Andorra and her daughter Ruby both seemed to be young and healthy, the two owners felt that they had good genetics.

The happy demeanor and gorgeous skin of the two horses were a result of the love and attention their owners had given them.

The mother and daughter combo finally bonded in Jesse’s fenced horse paddock after 17 years apart.

At first, the horses were wary of approaching one another. However, Andorra was the one who approached Ruby first.

In their brief talk, the horse owners remarked on how elegantly the animals have aged. Ruby was enjoyed by everyone,

including Nathalie’s small daughter. Ruby and Andorra later went on a trip with their owners. After being transported to the stable, the horses relaxed in their adjacent stalls.