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A dedicated single mom was looking for a cost-effective method to give her son a unique birthday present,

so she sought out to the local car community on Facebook, and their answer left her speechless.

Mikayla Freeman hoped to persuade a few automobile enthusiasts to organize a ‘car parade’down their neighborhood near Nashville.

‘My son’s 8th birthday is Sunday, he’s a MAJOR car guy,’ she stated in an email.Mikayla’s dream was fulfilled when the plea was shared 550 times.

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It inspired the kindness of eighty-three drivers within two days, who turned up at noon on a recent Sunday.

Tristan was escorted outside to see an endless stream of lovely vehicles tooting their horns and delivering

birthday wishes and gifts through the open windows, all decorated with enormous mylar balloons in the front yard.

The 8-year-old was surprised by more than 100 strangers who turned up in the LaVergne area. Those who

were driving McLarens and Challenger Hellcats, Tristan’s two favorite vehicles, were especially welcomed.

Tia May, a vehicle filmmaker, documented the event with the goal of bringing positive attention to the automotive community (see the video below).

She told GNN, ‘I was a veteran who battled physical and mental health issues for decades.’ “The automotive community has significantly improved my quality of life.

‘Everything changed when I rekindled my passion for vehicles and became extensively involved in the car world. I got to know a lot of incredible people, many of whom I now consider family.