Hey, I’m Mia Sullivan, a 31-year-old software developer based in the tech hub of San Francisco, California. By day, I’m knee-deep in code, working on innovative projects at a leading startup in Silicon Valley. But when the workday ends, I transition into a foodie explorer and an art enthusiast.

San Francisco’s culinary scene is my playground. I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems, from tiny taco trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants. I’m equally passionate about cooking and experimenting with exotic dishes at home.

Besides my love for food, I have a thing for salsa dancing. I’ve been dancing for years, and there’s nothing quite like the rush of energy on the dance floor.

I’m relatively new to the city, having moved here for my job, and I’m eager to meet someone who can introduce me to the local food scene and maybe even share a dance or two. If you’re up for exploring the tastes and rhythms of San Francisco, let’s chat over coffee at “Golden Gate Grind” in the Mission District.

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