Savannah, known as VanVan, a 4-year-old, has gained popularity thanks to her entertaining raps and endearing performances with the support of her father, Reggie.

You know I’m hot, four-year-old, that top spot, so I haven’t come to play. I’m heading to the top now, later, like an elevator riding in the enormous wheel.

I’m a big thing, VanVan. riding in the enormous wheel. In front of the camera, the young girl raps, ‘VanVan, I’m a big deal.

Savannah’s dad talked about her character and how she’s always been a little performer. Savannah has always been a whirlwind of activity. Always in the spotlight,’ Reggie stated.

‘During Covid, everything sort of took off. She enjoyed music, and since I was able to be home from teaching, I kind of really observed that.

She enjoyed listening to music, singing along to various songs while watching TV, and learning cues and song progressions.

She clearly has a unique talent, I thought. We recently began posting videos on Facebook just for fun.

At that point, Reggie began receiving messages from individuals telling him how much the videos of Savannah would cheer them up.

And at one point, VanVan began rapping to a track that her dad had created, and her performance went viral.

She was requested to perform the rap on the Tamron Hall Show and gave it the title “Playing outside every day.’ In fact, VanVan has her own dance, the ‘VanVan shuffle.’

We now perform shows. When we can travel and do things, it needs to make sense and work around her schedule.

Reggie explained, ‘We just have to make sure we keep her safe, keep it in line, and make sure it makes her happy.

Since we won’t do something if it doesn’t make her happy, in the end. She’s really liking it right now.

What a cute and spirited youngster! We are eager to follow her future endeavors.

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