The timeless appeal of music transcends generations.

Malinda Williams, a third-grade teacher, desired for her pupils to experience the enchantment of 60s and 70s classics, particularly the soulful sounds of Motown.

She wanted to really immerse them in the music, not merely play it for them.

Welcome to the Motown Revue, a special musical spectacular presented by Baldwin Hills Elementary School.

Williams oversees the annual performance by students of music from the Motown era.

The students learn and perform the renowned choreography connected with the legendary performers in addition to dressing up as them.

Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Mary Wells, The Temptations, and even The Jackson 5 have all inspired performances for the audience.

Williams, a lifelong fan of Motown music, wanted her students to share her enthusiasm for it.

She stated in an interview with The Huffington Post that she wanted people to be aware of a time when grandparents, parents, and children could all appreciate music.

The singers were naturally talented, and the instruments were played by real people. There was not a lot of reliance on technology.

One year, five boys who were dressed in early 1970s-inspired attire and wigs took over the stage.

Yes, they were portraying The Jackson 5 (Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Michael, and Jermaine).

As the curtain was drawn back to display the guys’ performance, the audience erupted in applause.

The boys sprung into action as ‘I Want You Back’ filled the auditorium. They moved away from the throng and threw their hands in the air, building tension.

A short while later, they started to turn around one by one, mimicking the iconic Jackson 5 performances.

They used arm rolls and side steps to take the audience back in time.

To take on the challenging role of young Michael Jackson, one of the kids stepped forward.

When combined with the boys’ upbeat performance, ‘I Want You Back’ a song that never fails to keep your feet tapping—created a soul-stirring spectacle.

The Jackson 5’s debut single, ‘I Want You Back,’ which peaked at number one in 1969, is named number 121 on Rolling Stone’s list of the ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time.’

Williams told The Huffington Post that she had taught the elementary pupils’ dance techniques in their entirety.

None of them had ever attended a dance class, so I had to teach them how to embody the character they were playing in addition to performing well.

The Baldwin Hill’s Motown Revue performances have earned themselves online fame.

More than 2.5 million people have viewed the Jackson 5 performance alone on YouTube.

It serves as evidence of Williams’ brilliant strategy for educating kids about the classic songs and the musicians who made them.

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