It is not often possible to meet a pregnant woman with such a large belly that others think that she will have not one or two,

but as many as eight children.The amazing case of Rene Wu attracted the attention of the entire Internet and caused heated discussions.

Users were amazed by the size of the belly of our heroine, and one of the commentators said: ‘No kidding,

you seem to have 8 children there.’ Another user joked, ‘There’s a full-length adult there.’ Some users could not resist joking: ‘Your child is already building a house for himself.’

The health worker expressed concern…

Joking aside, the situation took a less amusing turn when an alleged health worker told her she should be concerned.

Renee gave her answer, stating: ‘As a doctor, you should be ashamed of such words, especially considering

that I am not your patient.You say that the belly should not be so big, but my baby and I are healthy.’

She notes that the general reaction to her big belly is usually positive and she loves the comments people share.

‘The dude is going to walk out with a bachelor’s degree,’ one person commented. Another remarked humorously: ‘The Football League already wants to sign him.’

In the previous video, she answered questions from viewers who were worried about her well-being. She explained: ‘In several of my videos, I have stated that I have neither polyhydramnios,

nor excess fluid, nor gestational diabetes. Not so long ago I did an ultrasound, the fluid is normal. A perinatologist is following me.’

She also noted that because of the angle, the stomach seems larger than it actually is.

On February 18, the girl gave birth to her son by caesarean section, the weight of the newborn was 4.3 kg, and the height was 57 cm.

The video, in which she proudly shows off her ever-growing belly before giving birth, has amassed over five million views on her channel.

Despite the noticeable discomfort, she admits that after the appearance of the baby she will miss her stomach.

Mom, who gave birth in January of this year, has almost returned to her usual size. Surprisingly, given the significant size of her belly, she has very few stretch marks.

In the next video, she demonstrated her postpartum body and amazed the subscribers. ‘Five kids and no stretch marks.

Lucky, commented one user. And another wrote: ‘Our bodies are amazing! The skin looks great, mommy!

‘I hope all moms in the world love their bodies. I hope there is no pressure on you to return to your previous form as soon as possible.

You are beautiful in every way. For 9 months, life has developed inside you, it’s incredible. Remember that you must love yourself,

because at first your child sees only you. You are his whole world, in his eyes you look perfect.

Thanks to my body, 5 wonderful children were born. In general, how quickly time flies. My sun will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.’

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