Animals are not given enough credit for their level of intelligence. There are far too many people who are likely to disparage animal intelligence.

However, they consistently show their resourcefulness, originality, and inventiveness in how they overcome and navigate problems.

One dog in Argentina managed to go through a gate, as seen in a YouTube video. The animal encounters the barrier at

the beginning of the little footage, standing on a box between the gate and the wall. It is obvious that the animal will, in some way, manage to open the fence.

The dog initially seems to be trying to climb over the top of the plastic crate. The majority of

animals would have most likely traveled that way. But this perceptive canine took a different path.

The dog starts to open the door after poking its head through the metal bars about 10 seconds into the video.

The dog tests the gate after making a small gap between it and the crate. In an effort to squeeze through, it does so covertly.

Sadly, the animal still requires a little more space. It then goes back to the gate. The dog peers its head through the barrier once more.

The gate is then further opened by the animal using its neck. The canine entrepreneur has been successful this time. Currently, the dog is beyond the gate.

Two commenters on the video of the agile four-legged creature’s motion said that the animal might be smarter than certain people.

One customer remarked, ‘This dog is smarter than my nieces and nephews.’ There was also a comment that ‘This dog is smarter than many humans.’

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