ST. PAUL, MN – JULY 28: Michael Kutcher and brother Ashton Kutcher walk the red carpet before the 2013 Starkey Hearing Foundation’s “So the World May Hear” Awards Gala on July 28, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation)

Although sibling relationships can be difficult, love can prevail despite obstacles and conflicts. Beyond his work in the entertainment industry,

Ashton Kutcher has consistently demonstrated his goodness, particularly when it comes to his brother,

who has lived with cerebral palsy since birth. Ashton has gone above and beyond to help his brother overcome obstacles in spite of this difficulty.

Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, Michael, came as a surprise to his parents, who weren’t planning on having twins.

Michael struggled to take his first breath when he was born. Michael admits, ‘My mom noticed I was having developmental issues and not making progress like my twin was.’

He was faced with difficulties in his first few weeks, but he overcame them thanks to his strong determination to live and good medical treatment.

Unfortunately, this early struggle had adverse long-term implications on his health, causing neurological issues

that resulted in developmental delays. Michael was given a cerebral palsy diagnosis when he was 3 years old.

When other kids were being cruel to Michael, Ashton was always there to stand up for him. When they were riding their bikes and a group of

kids started picking on both of them, Michael related this incident in an interview. ‘My brother

got into an altercation with them. He took a stand for me. He wished for them to respect me.

As time went on, Michael’s condition deteriorated even more, leaving Ashton feeling helpless. Doctors had warned Michael that he

had a serious cardiac ailment that might be fatal. Ashton felt helpless to make things better because he required a new heart to keep alive.

At the time, Ashton was prepared to risk everything to save Michael. A donor thankfully arrived in time for a successful transplant.

Ashton’s fame increased as Michael suffered with health difficulties. Michael concealed his cerebral palsy due to his brother’s notoriety and his desire to avoid sympathy.

However, Ashton accidentally revealed Michael’s illness in a 2003 interview, which strained their relationship.

In the interview, Ashton said specifically, ‘I didn’t know I was outing him because I didn’t know it was a secret.’

Michael felt ‘really mad’ when, against his wishes, the public learned of his cerebral palsy. He had never intended

to speak out about the issue, but over time he realized that Ashton’s unexpected admission had actually made it easier for him to accept his situation.

They both frankly discussed how envy caused them to fall out of love.

The Kutcher siblings spoke openly about their relationship during a profoundly personal interview, and Michael admitted that he

occasionally felt jealous of his brother. When questioned about the causes of their adult alienation, Michael answered truthfully:

‘Jealousy, for sure, at least on my part,’ he asserts. ‘You know, there was a time when I thought he was getting more attention than I was,

and it kind of pushed me into feeling envious. For so many years, we have been just one and two, and then he does great things and becomes well-known. It significantly impacted how I felt about myself.

They became increasingly intimate as time went on and they spent more time together. But as we sort of came together and overcame that, I understood,

‘You know what? Still, he is my brother. I know him; the rest of the world may see him differently.

He never will change and he hasn’t changed. I was then able to just return to him after removing all of the fame and everything else from it.

On a side note, Ashton also encountered difficulties and flaws when attempting to repair the bond with his brother.

‘I also had my reservations, such as when I initially began to enjoy success on a very large scale. It affects your thinking.

Michael, according to Kutcher, was the one to bring him back to reality. Since then, they have become incredibly close,

and their relationship is unshakable. They always stand by one another, offering encouragement and support.

Similar to the strong link the actor has developed with his wife, who was formerly his on-screen partner,

Ashton and his brother serve as a testament to the remarkable strength of sibling relationships.

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