Kid Rock is back with a new single “We The People” whose lyrics are uncreatively right-leaning. Uncreative in the way that Kid Rock uses the big-kids-secret-club-code “Let’s go Brandon” chant alongside lyrics about CNN, TMZ, and COVID safety protocols – all the stuff you’ve been hearing for the past few years without any actual, meaningful criticism. Just a bunch of “fuck yous” without any real explanation, which I guess for some people works.

Speaking of all the “f*ck yous,,” Kid Rock then proceeds to ask everyone to come together in peace and harmony at the end of the song with lyrics like “it’s all for one and it’s one for all” before launching into one more “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. So basically come together, but only within Kid Rock’s politics. I mean, is anyone surprised by any of this at this point? Dude is clearly gunning for a very specific audience lately and this is no different.

Musically, the song sounds like a demo of a radio-friendly nü-metal song from the ’90s that “Weird Al” Yankovic might have to reassure everyone wasn’t him once again. You can also read the lyrics below, which are certainly Kid Rock lyrics in 2022.

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