When a boy wouldn’t stop yelling and screaming in the line of a Burger King, a customer turned to his mother and asked if she could calm her child. Instead, she yelled at the man. Then, as she got to the counter, she was quickly hit with an unpleasant surprise.

A Burger King customer, who was simply craving a Whopper, was in line at the fast food restaurant after he “hadn’t had the greatest of days” and could feel “a headache coming on.”

Sadly, the situation was only made worse by an obnoxious child in line behind him. Waiting patiently in the “very long long,” the man’s attention was soon drawn to the “woman yapping on her cell phone with a little monster of a child.” His patience quickly began to wear thin.

According to the unnamed customer, the kid was completely out of control. He was screaming, punching his mother, and throwing around a handheld video game whenever something didn’t go his way. Making matters worse, the child’s mom didn’t seem to pay any attention to her disruptive child, who began to continuously yell, “I want a f***ing pie!”

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