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America’s sweetheart just became America’s biggest pariah overnight.

And it’s all thanks to her liberal agenda and Budweiser Light beer.

Playing to a sold out crowd in Queefblastery, Pennsylvania last night, Taylor Swift took a moment during her set to address the current controversy with Budweiser Light beer.

The company saw fit to become “woke”, and hired a transgender spokesperson, Dylan Mulvaney for it’s ads and promotions.

The move backfired, highlighting the right wing’s malaise, frustration, and anger with the entire “woke” movement, and lost Budweiser nearly 800 million dollars in a single day.

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Swift, however, attempted to praise the move to her massive audience.

“Just a second, just a second, hold up.

Hey, how many of you are drinking Bud Light beer right now, huh?” she screamed out to the capacity crowd.

A very noticeable hush fell across the stadium.

Somewhere, someone queefed.

“Bud Light is the bomb, y’all. Don’t listen to all these old ass Boomers try to tell you what to think.

Every one of them couldn’t get laid if there were balls in their mouths.”

That’s when a chorus of “Boo”‘s released from the onlookers.

Police and security forces quickly waded into the crowd and began bashing in the heads of those dissenters.

Former fan Sandy Batt made a short statement from her hospital room an hour later.

“She didn’t even do ‘Love Story’ yet, and that’s my favorite. To hell with Taylor Swift!”

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