Oscar De La Hoya had an eventful night. Ryan Garcia’s promoter, unfortunately, had to see his fighter lose to Gervonta Davis in their long-awaited matchup on April 22nd in Las Vegas. Their super-fight was a spectacle in itself and many notable personalities were present in attendance to witness the main event. Garcia lost the contest but the event generated immense interest globally and it was great business for both Garcia as well as De La Hoya.

The promoter has been a boxer himself who has fought in many such super fights. Post the defeat, he was seen interacting with many in attendance including the former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Oscar De La Hoya is grateful to Mike Tyson

Tyson retired from the sport almost 2 decades ago. Though, his love for the sport is still instilled in him. He is frequently spotted sitting ringside at many boxing contests. This Saturday was no exception as he was not only present in attendance but was invested in this super-bout for a long time. De La Hoya got an opportunity to interact with the legendary boxer post the contest. The promoter of Garcia even took pictures with him and posted them on his Instagram Story.

In the picture, De La Hoya was seen embracing Tyson. He captioned the photo by stating, “I love you Mike Only god knows what we have been through and I admire you because you give me strength through your courage”.

De La Hoya’s comments just go to show the impact Tyson has on the sport. Even other legendary boxers like De La Hoya “admire” the former heavyweight champion.

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