Mike O’Hearn is one of the bodybuilders voted among the 12 greatest physiques of all time in the fitness world. At 54, O’Hearn continues to maintain a jaw-dropping physique. Though the bodybuilder is doing a great job staying in shape, the cons of his growing age have caught up to him. Though his physique is as impressive as ever, he can no longer keep up with the same training routine that he had back in the day.

Although Mike O’Hearn is still active in the industry and travels quite a lot for different ventures, his body eventually gets tired. In a recent YouTube video, O’Hearn opened up about this aspect of his life.

Mike O’Hearn talks about his tiring routine

In his latest YouTube video, fitness baron Mike O’Hearn gave viewers a glimpse of his training routine. O’Hearn revealed he is still in the dry-out as there are multiple events and appearances lined up for him in the coming weeks. To prepare for every event, he needs to peak multiple times over the next four weeks. Recalling his old days, O’Hearn said he used to do six shows in a year as he was constantly winning them.

In recent times, O’Hearn claims the dry-out keeps him going. They help him ensure that his blood levels are good and that he’s training along with it. However, accepting his shortcomings, O’Hearn added, “I’m not going to say that I’m perfect in the sense of fatigued and beat down a bit.”

Talking about his motivation, he further added, “Of course, being as lean as I am at this stage and continuously traveling and continuously doing this stuff but man it’s you feel so healthy and you look so good that it gives you that extra motivation to continue forward.” Mike O’Hearn continues to be on top of his game in the bodybuilding world after four decades. This is because it’s what the bodybuilder wants to be remembered for, later, in the community.

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