Elderly people sure have an abundance of strange objects lying around their houses. There are so many antiquing TV shows where people can bring things they have found in their parent’s or grandparents’ houses.

Funnily enough, a lot of the time they haven’t even been identified yet. Recently, the internet has been baffled over a picture of some strange tools. Their friend’s grandparents had passed, and this one of the inherited items they had gone home with. The only thing is that neither of them knew what it was, so they went to the internet to find out more.

Image credit: goodoldays

It’s a Nut Cracker!

During the 1940s or even the 1950s, these were common tools used for racking open the hard shell of nuts! Most people love a delicious walnut, almond, or macadamia nut. However, these nuts are usually encased inside a hard shell. This provides a challenge for when you want to eat them. Nature has done its job right for this one. Squirrels have sharp teeth, and little hands that they can pry open their nuts, but we humans rely on our mindful inventions.

So, we have designed various types of nutcrackers, and this is one of them. As you can see, there are some silver long pieces with sharp points on the end. Those sharp points are there parts you use to scrape the flesh of the nut out from inside the hard shell. The sharpness is because sometimes the nut gets stuck inside the shell. So, one needs a bit of an edge to get it out.

Nut Cracker
Image credit: Etsy

Also a Lobster Cracker

Not only is it a nutcracker, but this strange invention is also useful for cracking open a number of hard-shelled items. As you can see, the other part of the tool involves the mechanism used to actually crush the shell. So you can get the nut out. Well, this part is not only handy for nut cracking but it can also be used for shellfish like mussels or lobsters.

Use the main part of the tool to pry open the hard shell of the crustacean. Place it between the metal tongs, and squeeze it down with your hand. You’ll hear a loud crack, meaning it’s doing the right thing. The job is not done yet! This is where the picks come in. You need to see the picks from the first image to scrape out any stubborn meat stuck to the shell’s inside.

Travel nut and lobster cracking kit
Image credit: goodoldays

The Complete Look

Of course, some seriously convenient versions of this nutcracker or lobster cracker exist. Some of them fit inside these nifty little containers perfectly. This makes it easy to travel with or take along for a picnic by the sea. Each sharp tool lies flat inside the container, and there are enough for a few people to enjoy a lobster’s tasty flesh.

Alternatively, the sharp sticks and crushing tool could fit into a piece of wood with a carved-out hollow. In the middle, there is a raised mount which is where the sticks and crackers are situated. The hollow section that runs around resembles a bunt cake or a donut. It provides the ideal place to keep your nuts. That way, this whole contraption can be left out, or anyone can snack upon a delicious nutty treat as they walk by.

Image credit: Etsy
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