Jackie Chan, the global star, amassed a huge following across the world for his breathtaking and other-worldly stunts in movies like Armour of God, Police Story, Who Am I?, etc.

The Karate Kid star is known not only for his brave stunts but also for his values. Chan didn’t forgo his values of self-discipline and respect toward elders even after becoming a millionaire. The trait of respecting elders was developed during his stay at the China Drama Academy where disobeying any senior could bring them their wrath.

But in his autobiography, ‘Never Grow Up’ Chan opens up about one such incident where he could not oblige an old fan’s autograph request. However, Chan soon fulfilled the elderly man’s wish after a quick realization.

Jackie Chan’s encounter with an old fan at the airport

Chan in his book elaborates on how he signed an autograph for his old fan after initially declining the request. The incident took place years ago when Chan was halted at an airport. An elderly man stopped Chan and requested an autograph saying, “Jackie, can I have your autograph?”

Chan, however, could not accept the request as he was in a hurry. But he took an effort to turn back to the old man and responded in a casual way, “Maybe next time.” The dejected man smiled at Chan as the latter walked away and said,” Next Time? I may not get to see you again in my life.” Chan heard him saying those words. He kept moving forward as the words became more and more resonating in his mind.

Chan couldn’t move further as he realized the undeniable truth in his words and came back from the gate. He called the old man and said, “Sir, please come back, I’ll give you my autograph now.” Reflecting on life, Chan finds it aptly suiting the phrase by the philosopher Zhuangzi,” Human existence is like a white horse galloping past a half-open door; you catch a glimpse of it, then it’s gone.”

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