Top Gun, Tom Cruise’s most recent motion picture: Despite Jurassic World: Dominion successfully “dethroning” Maverick from the top place, Forbes and other publications have forecasted that Maverick will eclipse $1 billion at the box office.

Nevertheless, something considerably more evil and frighteningly real than contemporary dinosaurs is about to eclipse Cruise’s most recent professional triumph: his open affiliation with the Church of Scientology…

Of course, Leah Remini from King of Queens is an ex-scientist and a harsh critic of the organization.

The actress, who left the sect in 2013, has been outspoken in her criticism of the Church ever since.

She mainly did so because of how David Miscavige’s leadership treated individuals who wanted to leave.

Remini took matters into her own hands and reported the missing person’s case in order to look into the strange absence of Miscavige’s wife, who has purportedly been missing since 2006.

The two have frequently voiced their critiques of the actor, the latest coming as a result of his recent success in the Top Gun movie.

They openly support other ex-Scientologists like Claire Headley, who calls herself a “cult survivor.”

Since then, Remini has gained notoriety for supporting Headley’s fresh charges against Cruise on Twitter:

“I’d like to thank my friend @claireheadley for her bravery.

Even though Scientology has been attacking you nonstop, you have persisted in speaking out.

And as Claire notes in her piece below, Tom Cruise is fully aware of anything that occurs within the Scientology community, the actress said.

“Don’t be duped by the movie star charm.”

Headley’s tweet on Cruise refers to the actor’s “crimes against mankind,” alleging that he supports a dangerous cult that splits apart families.

Headley claims that the organization in question coerced her into having two abortions before eventually fleeing in 2005 with them right behind her.

She wrote, “Thank God they failed. She also casts doubt on Cruise’s own family’s involvement with Scientology, using the example of the actor’s ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes and her valiant attempts to flee as well as his alleged lack of affection for Suri, the sole biological daughter he had with the actress.

In the past, Remini has said that Holmes and Nicole Kidman, another ex-wife of Cruise, were powerless to speak out about their relationships with the actor for fear of suffering severe consequences like having Suri taken away from her mother.

Headley and her husband allegedly launched a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology in 2009, accusing the group of human rights abuses, including the crime of people trafficking.

After judges determined that the group was shielded by the “ministerial exemption,” a principle of US law that defends religious institutions, their case was ultimately dismissed.

Since 1990, Cruise has been an open and active member of the organization, having been introduced by his first wife, Mimi Rogers.

Since then, Cruise has advanced to the top ranks of the organization, purportedly becoming the “chosen one” required to spread the message.

Other ex-members claim that the actor exploited his celebrity to try to influence people like Will Smith, David Beckham, and Steven Spielberg to join Scientology.

More recent stories, however, seem to imply that Cruise has been “drifting” away from the Church.

“So no, I won’t watch the movie, and I won’t ever endorse or support this con artist.

I worked with Tom Cruise while I was there, therefore I can vouch for the fact that he is aware of the wrongdoings that organization supports.

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