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Giving someone support and improving their day slightly doesn’t take much. The only things really need are the ability to see a need and an action-taker.

Such kind of person is Joey Herrera, a 29-year-old pizza delivery worker who helped a 90-year-old woman.

In the YouTube video, Joey had just finished delivering pizza to a neighborhood in Tampa Bay, Florida, when he spotted Annie Goshen.

When Annie was out in her garden working, she stumbled over a rock and fell. The grandma, 90, was unable to stand.

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Fortunately, Joey noticed Annie in trouble and rescued her. In the video, Joey is seen leading Annie into her home while she is seated.

Once she settles down, Joey continues his deed of kindness. He continues to be worried about her and offers to help her even more. Joey contacted 911 to inquire about Annie as well.

Do you want me to bring you some water or other supplies? Asks Annie, Joey.In the video, Annie shows her real appreciation for Joey and gives him a warm embrace.

Joey remarked, ’It felt just like I saw my own grandmother on the floor.They were forever appreciative after learning about their.

mother’s experience and how much worse it would have been if Joey hadn’t treated Annie with love, sympathy, and care. Joey was regarded to as a ‘blessing’ by them.

The daughters of Annie sent Joey a $350 check as thanks for his thoughtful behavior toward Annie.

That’s not all, though. Also, Joey received a bonus from his place of employment for his good deed.

Just a lovely act of generosity from a man who cared enough about another person’s welfare to offer assistance.

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