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A stray three-legged ginger kitten wandered into a man’s kitchen nine years ago, seeking to be loved. A great bond between a loving guy and a three-legged cat began on that day.

Bubby’s heartbreaking story is told here!

This kitty began to appear more frequently and enjoyed playing with Seson, the man’s cat. The cat continued to visit the man even after Seson had passed.

Being a stray, this feline was wary of humans, with the exception of Boyd, a nice cat lover. Boyd decided to name him Bubby as his visits grew longer and he claimed a chair for himself.

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Boyd now considered Bubby to be his own cat, and despite his best efforts, Bubby insisted on returning to the outside, a part of his old existence he couldn’t let go of.

When Boyd died, Bubby only came to the house once and never came again. Boyd’s family would leave food out in the hopes of luring him back, but the food was always left untouched when they returned.

So it had been two years since Bubby had been seen, and everyone was worried, until one day he reappeared, sighted by Ray, the next-door neighbor. He realized that Bubby’s age was against him, so he devised a strategy to catch him off guard.

He tried for two months, but Bubby resisted, and Ray was anxious for him as the weather changed and snowstorms became more frequent. He begged the lady who now resided in Boyd’s house to keep an eye out for Bubby and welcome him in if she saw him.

Bubby had really entered the house, Ray received a phone call the next day. Ray went over and discovered Bubby was in serious shape, so he took him to the vet right away.

He was looked after before being transferred to the shelter to begin his treatment, where he met Sarah. She knew she wanted to look after this kitty as soon as she saw him and looked into his eyes.

What a joy it was for Sarah to learn about Bubby’s life before she met him and to hear about all of his struggles.

He’s at the perfect spot, with the right person, and he’ll never need to leave the house again.

Watch the video to find out what happens next in this amazing story:

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