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A cat who had been left alone in an apartment is overjoyed to have been discovered and loved at long last.

Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue organization in New York City, got an appeal for aid concerning a cat who had been abandoned at an apartment in Mount Vernon, New York, earlier this year (in May). He was left behind when his owner moved out.

“Tenants who were in a hurry to go left him with the garbage. A good Samaritan who reached out to us for assistance fed him dry food “NYC’s Little Wanderers shared.

Narnia, the cat, was six years old at the time. When approached, he was quite frightened and would retreat to a corner. The rescue began looking for an appropriate foster home after realizing he’d need an experienced caregiver.

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Little Wanderers NYC commented, “He is a really lovely cat, and we look forward to his blossoming into the king that he is supposed to be.”

Narnia arrived to his foster home after a trip to the vet. He stayed in his carrier and refused to get out since he was so shy. His foster mother soothed him and provided him with a lot of pets to encourage him.

Narnia gradually gained courage and began to emerge from his shell. He was ecstatic to have so many soft things to cuddle with at his disposal, as well as a devoted human who attended to his every desire.

“At first, he was quite shy,” Little Wanderers NYC explained, “but as he began to feel safe, he warmed up.”

As he learned to trust, Narnia wanted to join his foster mother and share her bed at night. During the day, he would lie on the couch, dreaming away, without a care in the world.

“In the months that he’s been with his foster mom, Narnia has gone a long way. He went from being a shy, scared youngster to a confident young cat who can now rest “NYC’s Little Wanderers” was informed.

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