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Sharon Osbourne is well known as the wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon’s stunning red hair and distinctive grin help to identify her instantly. Having said that, the famous novelist uploaded a series of photographs on Instagram that sparked outrage among her followers.

Sharon was shown spending time with her extended family in the offensive photos. The hit reality show “The Osbournes” actress uploaded three images of herself with her grandchildren and daughter-in-law.


Her son, Jack Osbourne, posted a photo of his mother with his daughter, Pearl Osbourne. After seeing the photo, fans went to social media to comment on Sharon’s look. Several people noticed she looked very different from what they were used to seeing.

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Sharon and Jack’s snapshot featured the manager-mom without makeup. Fans who aren’t used to seeing Sharon without makeup expressed their amazement in the post’s comments section. “Where’s her square jaw?” one individual wondered.

The hairdresser posted a before and after photo of her hair to show off her new white-haired style.


Sharon’s appearance sparked a lot of discussions. “That doesn’t even look like her anymore,” one commenter said. Several more people commented, with one saying, “Sharon, I love you more than my own mother, but please, no more face crap

“If that’s Sharon, she looks extremely ill,” one person said. “Probably…cancer never goes away,” someone said. Despite the harsh reaction, a few supporters spoke out in support of Sharon, stating, “She’s displaying her genuine self,” and “She has the freedom to dress as she wants.” I thought she deserved it.”


Fortunately, not everyone was obsessed with Sharon. Viewers observed Pearl’s age, saying that she appeared considerably younger the last time many of them saw her. “The best thing in life is… grandchildren,” one person said.

Sharon’s look has evolved throughout the previous few years. The TV personality unveiled her new haircut, a platinum blonde, medium-length cut, in 2020. Her personal stylist, Jack Martin, said that she swapped her signature red hairstyle for the new platinum blonde to save time at the hairdresser every week.

During the last five years, the Osbourne family has grown considerably.

The hairdresser posted a before and after photo of her hair to show off her new white-haired style. Sharon has been dying her hair once a week for over two decades, he confessed in the remark. Sharon’s hair has been entirely white for several years, according to the hairdresser. He stated:

“[Sharon] told me she had wanted to make this change for a long time, but every time she tried, something bad happened. Sharon was sick of dying her hair once a week, which she felt forced to do because she is on television virtually every day.”

The colorist also said that the entire treatment took an astounding eight hours. Having said that, the end results appear to be exactly what Sharon desired, as she can be seen smiling blissfully in the photo taken after the treatment. Sharon’s platinum blonde hair was expected to last considerably longer without needing to be retouched.

Sharon has changed her appearance several times in the last few years. Although Sharon’s signature red mane has remained consistent throughout the years, people have noted how much her face has altered since she first appeared in public.

The platinum blonde hairstyle didn’t last long, since Sharon’s most recent photos show her with red hair. The cheerful grandma has returned to her signature hair color and is flaunting it in front of her large brood of grandchildren.

During the last five years, the Osbourne family has grown considerably. Jack, Sharon, and Ozzy’s 37-year-old son, was the first to bring a grandchild into the family in 2012. From 2012 to 2019, Jack was married to Lisa Stelley, with whom he has three daughters: Pearl, Andy Rose Osbourne, and Minnie Osbourne.

Andy was born in 2015, and Minnie was born in 2018, only a few months before the couple divorced. Pearl was pleased to have siblings, according to Lisa, who said, “Pearl is overjoyed to be a big sister. Every night, she reads her ‘I’m a Big Sister” books and tells me about her plans for bathing, feeding, singing to, and cuddling the baby.”


Despite the fact that his previous marriage did not work out, Jack stated that he aspires to be a parent his children can look up to. That mindset has carried over into his present marriage with Aree Gearhart. On July 9, 2022, the couple had their first child together, making Ozzy and Sharon grandparents for the fourth time.

In an Instagram post, the renowned grandparents shared their excitement at having another child in the family. Maple Artemis Osbourne is the name Jack and Aree gave to their new bundle of joy, and Aree joyfully raises her and Jack’s other children together. “Another level of love was unleashed,” she said following the birth of her child.


Jack isn’t the only one who helps support the Osbournes. Kelly Osbourne, Sharon and Ozzy’s second daughter, just gave birth to her first child. She revealed her pregnancy with Sid Wilson, a member of the metal band Slipknot, in 2022. Sidney Wilson was born in January 2023. Sharon stated:

“They’re doing fantastic. It is fantastic. [Kelly] will not allow a photograph to escape him, and I am very proud of her.”


Sharon only has five grandchildren with her husband, while Ozzy has more from a prior relationship. The guitarist has two children with Thelma Riley, but he says that he wasn’t always the best father to Louis and Jessica Osbourne. Ozzy stated, on being a father, “It’s a much nicer environment today. I am able to assist my family.”

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