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Johnny Cash was a stark defender of American values, and what better symbol of those values than our flag?

Johnny Cash’s ‘Ragged Old Flag’ Has Even More Meaning Today

Johnny Cash always stood in support of our American flag.

The country legend was a proud American who loved our country very much.

Even though he died in 2003, his words still are important today during these rather toxic political times. And on one loves our “Ragged Old Flag” like Johnny Cash.

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Liberal activists who hate our country will sometimes burn the flag in protest of whatever perceived injustice they’ve they’ve chosen to be outraged about.

Johnny knew even though this is legal, it is an awful thing to do. So many members of our military died protecting our freedoms. They fought for what that flag stands for.

Desecrating our beloved flag is simply disgusting. Legal or not – it’s an abomination.

During one interview, Johnny was asked his opinion on burning the flag.

He told a story about when he and June were in Vietnam and they witnessed the many sacrifices our soldiers made. They believed the flag symbolized not only our freedoms but their sacrifices.

“If you are going to burn the American flag, you ought to take it to Iran. But, I still cherish those freedoms,” Cash said.

“I cherish all of the freedoms that we got, including the freedom, the right, to burn the flag. But I also got the right to bear arms and if you burn mine, I’ll shoot you.”

He meant it, too!

While it might be legal to burn your own flag, you can’t burn one belonging to someone else. The American flag belongs to all of us. Especially those who fought or die for it – past or present!

If you love Johnny Cash, you will enjoy the video below of him defending our flag and then performing, “Ragged Old Flag.”

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