66-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth to Twins, Gets Called Selfish by Her Own Family for This

Motherhood is a beautiful phase of life, and many women dream about welcoming a child into the world.

For one woman, that dream was only realized when she was 66 years old—and her actions garnered lots of.

Every parent longs to see their children grow up and flourish through the different stages of life, but sadly this is not always possible.

When women give birth later in their lives, the chances of spending decades with their kids grow even slimmer.

Many mothers have been criticized for having kids at an older age, and one 66-year-old woman shocked her family when she revealed she was expecting twins.

Her Decision to Become a Mom at 66
Pensioner Maria Carmen del Bousada always wanted to become a mom. She lived in Cadiz, Spain, and when her mother passed away, she started working on a plan to start a family of her own. She said:

“Often circumstances put you between a rock and a hard place, and maybe things shouldn’t have been done in the way they were done, but that was the only way to achieve the thing I had always dreamed of.”

Bousada kept her pregnancy a secret for a long time, and when she finally informed her family, they thought she was joking. Her relatives called her selfish and slammed her actions.

She Lied to Her Doctors
Bousada utilized in vitro fertilization (IVF) to achieve her goal of becoming a mother. She lied to doctors at a fertility clinic in California and told them she was 55 years old.

The retired department store employee believed everyone should become a mom when they felt the time was right for them. She desperately wanted to be a parent and even sold her house for $59,000 to pay for the IVF treatment.

The 66-year-old gave birth to twins in 2006 and was delighted to have fulfilled a lifetime longing. She adored Christian and Pau and became known as the oldest mom globally.

Sadly, Bousada struggled to look after her kids and barely managed to take them for a short walk. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer six months after giving birth, and the condition made it challenging to be a mom.

She focused all of her attention on her “very chubby and very big” babies, adding, “at the moment, I am still here. I’m not thinking about fear at the moment.” Bousada never told her twins that she was sick and expressed:

“They’re still babies, so I haven’t told them. They’re too young for these things.”

Her Time as a Mother Was Cut Short
Bousada shared that she hoped to find a younger man to help her care for the children but that never happened. Instead, her family was forced to step in and assist her in raising Christian and Pau.

Tragically, Bousada passed away in 2009 and only had a few short years with her beloved children. She previously stated she would live to 101 years old like her mother, but that wasn’t the case.

Her Brother Took Care of the Orphaned Twins
The woman’s brother called Bousada’s actions madness but was happy to have the twins in his life despite the controversy. Ricardo noted: “I think she has done this too late in life … but now they are here. We love these beautiful boys.”

Pilar Pinto, who worked close to Bousada’s sibling, revealed that the kids were doing well. He shared: “They are being well taken care of and are in great shape. I see them here often in town.”

She Should Have Had More Time with Them
Bousada’s time with her long-awaited children did not last long. Her heartbreaking cancer diagnosis robbed her of the golden years she deserved to spend with her new family. Pinto added:

“God didn’t let her enjoy her children very much. He should have given her more time.”

In one of her final interviews, Bousada said that she never once regretted her decision to start a family, even with her sickness. Hopefully, Bousada’s loved ones will keep her memory alive and tell her sons about their remarkable mother.






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