Simon Cowell made a fortune on American Idol – meet his only child

Simon Cowell went from an unknown record company worker to one of the most influential people in show business.

The British producer and TV star has created a huge empire for himself and has been the star judge on several talent shows.

The talent shows brought Simon a different kind of audience, and his unique, often brutally honest approach has proven rather popular.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why he’s made so much money, and we’re talking a lot of money.

In fact, Simon Cowell’s been paid millions and millions of dollars over the years, with new reports highlighting just how much he made per season of American Idol.

Simon Cowell got his own job in music after he dropped out of school.

His father was able to hire him as an assistant at record label EMI, where his responsibilities were to find new talent and develop artists.






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