Harry had laughing gas and ate chicken while Meghan was giving birth to Archie

Prince Harry has commanded the attention of the world with the release of his tell-all book Spare.

Not only did he reveal details of his life as a working royal, but also gave fans insights into what he claims went on with some of his closest family members.

He also talked at length about his upbringing – including the loss of his mother, Princess Diana – and discussed in detail his time serving in the army.

Harry also shared new details about the family he has created with Meghan Markle, offering new information on his firstborn child, Archie.

Although Harry and Meghan undoubtedly enjoy the spotlight, they have thus far ensured that their children are afforded a more sheltered time of things as they grow up.

As a result, not much has been seen of Archie and his sister, Lilibet.

Yet during the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary, which aired in December, Harry and Meghan opened up and shared many private moments with their children.

In Spare, Harry shared more information about his private life.

Interestingly, that includes what he did while Meghan was in labor with Archie … apparently, he got high!

Since Harry and Meghan began dating, the couple have been something of a fixation for the British tabloid press.

That in itself is hardly surprising – it seems like half the world wants to know what they’re doing.






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