‘Dark & claustrophobic’: How Prince Harry was left unimpressed by Elvis Presley’s former home

Prince Harry has met many celebrities and people of significance through over the course of his life.

Indeed, the Prince is said to have many celebrity friends, including James Corden, Tom Hardy, and David Beckham.

As a result, one can imagine that he often has the opportunity to visit some exceptional places.

One such place, reportedly, was the former home of Elvis Presley, Graceland.

In 2014, Harry accompanied his brother, Prince William, on a USA trip for the wedding of their close friend Guy Pelly at the famous Elvis estate.

Harry, though, had other things on his mind beside his friend’s union.

Upon receiving a tour of the legendary estate, he wasn’t impressed at all.

“The King’s” home – where his daughter Lisa Marie Presley was laid to rest last weekend – was, according to Harry, a claustrophobic badger den.

Being a member of the British Royal Family means you get to meet many prominent people, from Heads of State, to sports stars, musical geniuses, and other celebrities.






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